It wasn't an illegal cash withdrawal, but it was a teller error in Poughkeepsie that led Toms River investigators on a search for a suspect.

Suspect in TD Bank fraud in Toms River (Toms River Police)

That's the word from township police who heard from the woman shown in surveillance images distributed yesterday from a TD Bank branch in the upstate New York city.

She, and the Toms River woman whose account was inexplicably draining, have the same name, police said.

The teller who handled the two transactions unwittingly drew on the Toms River account, not realizing the identity mixup, police said.

“A simple identification or driver’s license check by the teller could have avoided this embarrassing mistake,”  police said in a prepared statement.

Investigators say the bank customer "has been very understanding of the incident and is cooperating with law enforcement and the bank to assure that errors such as this do not occur again in the future.”

Police have also extended apologies to everyone involved.