Neighborhoods are interesting. Some people make concerted efforts to make the neighborhood that they live in an important part of their lives, while others tend to keep to themselves.

I live in a condo development, so there is a lot of interaction among neighbors. With community property like parking lots and mailboxes, my neighbors and I cross paths every day.

While my neighbors are all friendly with each other (at least in the part of the neighborhood that I live in. I've heard that things aren't as copacetic in other niches of the development), there aren't a lot of group events like BBQs, holiday parties, or potlucks.

Or, now that I think about it, maybe I'm just not invited. Hmm.

But, as with any group of people living in close proximity, there are the loners too.

Those residents who people rarely see, or interact with.

And honestly, there isn't necessarily anything wrong with that. Some people just aren't as social as others. To each their own, right?

So what about your Ocean County neighborhood? Are you friendly with your neighbors? Do you have community events? Chime in on the comments section!


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