Last week I wrote about how, so far, I've been pretty underwhelmed by American Idol this season. I felt like the show was focusing more on story and less on talent, and like more mediocre contestants were getting golden passes to Hollywood than would have before.

I'm not backing down on that, I still think the competition isn't as brutal as it has been in the past. But now that we're into "Hollywood Week", I think that the true talents are starting to shine. Let's not forget, no matter how tough or easy the competition may be, it's the judges job to pare the field down to the most talented 10 (or 12, or 14, or 16, whatever they're doing this year).

For a show seemingly struggling to find a story to catch on to, last night we were shown the head to head battle of new dad from middle-America, Adam Brock, and celebrity child Jane Carrey. Assuming that they were showing us a battle to the death, who would you have expected to make it through?

In case you missed it last night, take a look:



So it looks like I may have to step back on my criticism a little. I would have expected the Daughter Of Hollywood (I think "living legend Jim Carrey" was just a bit of a stretch. We're not talking about Clint Eastwood's kid here) would have been kept around for the fame association (Look! There's Jim Carrey in the studio audience!), but surprise, they went with talent over name and kept Adam while cutting Jane.

Of course tonight is the feared group rounds in Hollywood, where drama always prevails over performance, so who knows who will end up on the live shows.

I do know this much though, I'll be talking to Adam Brock live on 92.7 WOBM. Be sure to tune in tomorrow afternoon for the interview!

So who do you like so far? Anyone in particular standing out to you? Feel free to leave a comment!