The Affordable Healthcare Act dominates this month's Ask the Congressman as the country waits for the U.S. Supreme Court's decision Friday on the constitutionality of certain key provisions. However, how the nation's highest court will rule is anyone's guess, according to Ocean and Burlington County's Republican Washington Representative Jon Runyan.

Speaking from Washington D.C., Runyan admits to having a lot of problems with the Act, that he refers to as 'Obama Care' and says he's cast several votes to repeal it altogether. However, his biggest opposition to the Act has more to do with the process than the policy. A process he believes pushed through the Act without proper vetting and legislative scrutiny. Runyan says the Legislation package is so large in fact, that many of its provisions remain a mystery.

"You know, it's the care you need, from a doctor you choose, at a price you can afford and you take those three simple principals like that and put them through the process. Allow them to be vetted. Allow them to go through the committee process, to be marked up, to be amended, to be argued on both sides of the floor which that piece of legislation was not. That was forced through by the leadership on the other side of the isle and quite frankly, had to persuade other members to vote for it with a lot of those kickbacks they had."

Runyan also says the Affordable Healthcare Act is not affordable. He says it doesn't do enough to control cost, a process he believes can only be achieved by marketplace driven competition. He says if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Act, he'll continue to work toward repealing it.

Runyan also had very strong thoughts about the President's decision to sign an Executive Order that halt's the deportation of young illegal immigrants who were brought here as children and who follow certain guidelines. He says "you can't address immigration until you secure the border. That's got to be the first step. You can't even talk about policy until the flow of illegal immigrants stops." Runyan says he believes the Executive Order creates an even bigger problem making it harder to get true immigration reform in place.

The topic also turned to Congress' decision to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt for not turning over certain documents in a Mexican weapons smuggling investigation called "Fast and Furious" where Federal Agents lost track of hundreds of guns. Some of which turned up in the deaths of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and 200 Mexican nationals. Runyan says "one of the big roles of Congress is oversight of the Federal Agencies. You know, we have a Border Patrol agent who was killed by these weapons. That his family has a right to know what happened? What went wrong? Who's been held responsible?

Congressman Runyan also addressed Federal fishing regulations, the Sierra Clubs endorsement of his political opponent and an amendment he placed in the Defense Budget Authorization Act to add extra protections for the Joint Base.