Based on the weather forecast for the next few days you might question if we’re pretty much bypassing spring and going right into summer.   

Rutgers University President Robert L Barchi (Andy Marlin/Getty Images)

While we’re heading to the upper 70’s and maybe even 80 tomorrow the extended forecast says we could be back into the 50’s for the weekend and for the rest of the month expect temps mainly in the 60’s.  In other words don’t bring out the bathing suits just yet.

The weekend provided a brief respite for Rutgers University officials who find themselves still very much in the midst of a scandal as the fallout continues surrounding the firing of basketball coach Mike Rice and resignation of athletic director Tim Pernetti.  Many still question university president Robert Barchi and whether he knew more then he has led everyone to believe and conspiracy theorists are trying to link Rutgers’ admittance into the Big Ten and the fact that Rice was suspended and not fired months ago.

Rutgers is expected to name an interim Athletic Director in the next couple of days.  By the way it was only two months ago that Geoff Brown joined the Rutgers Athletic staff as a Senior Associate Athletic Director and Chief Marketing Officer.  The Manasquan resident was the General Manager of the Lakewood BlueClaws from their birth until this winter when he took the Rutgers job in part because of Pernetti’s long-term goals and vision for the Scarlet Knights athletic future.

The biggest difference today about a story like the one at Rutgers from say 20 or more years ago is the rush to judgment that is demanded and often given.  Stories like this one are like brush fires in that they spread so fast and I often question if decisions are made based on fairness or the need to give the media and the public something to satisfy their appetite.

Todd Frazier bats against Washington (Cincinnati Reds)

Quite a first week of the season for Toms River’s Todd Frazier.  The second-year Reds third baseman is batting .480 through six games with 3 homers and 9 RBI’s and leads Cincinnati regulars in just about every offensive category.  The Reds open a 6-game road trip in St. Louis this afternoon.


If Louisville beats Michigan in tonight’s NCAA Basketball Championship game I can brag I had the correct champion.  Of course most of my other picks in this tournament were…well better luck next year.