Dear Emergency Service Members,

I was just getting home from Jackson following a station event when my brother sent me a message from Italy (U.S. Army) saying there had been a bombing in Seaside at the 5K race they were holding. He had seen the story on CNN.  I wasn't watching TV or listening to WOBM and wasn't paying attention to my cell phone, so I was totally taken by surprise.

The first thing I saw once I tuned into news coverage was the emergency services personnel on the scene who were taking control of the situation. This is why I'm writing this personal "thank you" to the men and women who keep us safe in times of crisis. In a day and age when there has been some divide between communities and law enforcement, I just want to say THANK YOU and to let you know how appreciated you are for all you do. These brave men and women put themselves on the line Saturday to keep residents and runners safe during the crazed events of that morning, as well as every other day of the week and for that we respect and appreciate what you do for residents 24/7. 

Police, Fire, and EMS ... local, county, state and federal government agencies all coming together to protect and investigate. We are lucky here at the Jersey Shore to have such fantastic law enforcement personnel. Many of whom are our friends and neighbors with families here at the shore as well and yet they put themselves on the front lines of crime, natural disaster and more to keep us protected.

That's the positive I take away from this past weekend. The knowledge that we have a great support system here at home and we are safe thanks to the men and women in blue, red, white or whatever color their uniform.



Shawn Michaels

PS - Share and Like this too if you wanna spread a great BIG THANK YOU! Let's show how we come together as Americans ... So don't mess with us!

PSS - Listeners called in with a great suggestion, maybe as a way of saying THANK YOU: Make a donation for "Vest-A-Cop" or donate to your local Fire and EMS Departments.


To Show Support, the 26th Annual "Vest-A-Cop" will take place to support the Toms River Township Police Department on Monday, September 26th at Pizza-Hut in Toms River at the Kmart Shopping Center on Route 37. The event runs from 4-9 pm For more details Call 732-341-3883 ... Stop by and help support your local police 



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