If you're planning to travel this summer, "USA Today" posted a list of the most OVERRATED sights you can see.  In other words, it's all stuff you should avoid, especially if you're on a budget.  Here are the top five.

  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa.  If you're in Florence, it's not that far away.  But it's not worth the four-hour drive from Rome, because there's not much to do there other than take the same photo EVERYONE takes . . . where you pose so it looks like you're holding the building up.
  • The Pyramids.  The area's not as beautiful as most people think it is, and it's basically in a suburb.  So when you're standing there looking at them, you can also see a Pizza Hut, a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a lot of litter.  That's why the pyramids in Dahshur . . . about two-and-a-half hours north . . . are a better bet.
  • Times Square.  If you visit New York, you pretty much HAVE to go to it.  But one time is enough, because it's always PACKED with tourists.  Instead, you should hit Museum Mile, which is a stretch of eight museums on Fifth Avenue.
  • Stonehenge.  You USED to be able to go right up to it.  Then tourists started chipping off pieces of it for souvenirs.  So you can't get very close anymore.  Plus, you can't tell in most photos, but it's wedged between two busy highways.
  • The Blarney Stone.  Kissing it supposedly gives you the, quote, "gift of gab" . . . meaning you'll basically just be a better communicator, but there's always a really long line.... and so many people kiss it that you're much more likely to just end up with a COLD.

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