My brief summer vacation ended at 3:27 this morning when the annoying buzzer of my alarm clock went off. It’s ironic because for those of us who get up early maybe the best part of vacation is not setting an alarm.

So it’s back to work today after five days off with a weekend thrown in between that for the most part was highlighted by relaxation.  Of course as you all know very well we’ve been experiencing a heat wave so for me that meant heading to the beach to try and find some relief.  We did but to be honest there were a couple of days in which the only relief there was in the water thanks to west winds and flies but I managed to fight through that for the most part. What a trooper I am.

Clearly one of the highlights was spending a night with our kids which included sailing on the North River Lobster Company’s floating lobster shack on the Hudson River.  It was a perfect night with spectacular views of New York City. The only downside was that it was so crowded we didn’t get to eat, instead opting to do that after returning to Hoboken where they both live.

Still it was a great night as rarely do the four of us get to spend time together and Brandon and Alex surprised us with tickets to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway next month for our anniversary which Jane and I celebrated with a wonderful dinner at Chef Mike’s ABG on Monday.

So getting back to what I started with and that was the alarm clock.  When I’m on vacation I love to stay up and watch late-night TV. It can be sports, movies, even analysis of the political conventions.  Often I don’t get to sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning and yet I get up 5 hours later feeling just fine.  However when I’m woken to the sound of an alarm clock buzzer even if I got 6 or 7 hours sleep I’m usually still tired.  That vacation mode is a nice thing. I’ll have to try it again in August.