You no longer have to worry about breathing in smoke when entering or leaving the Toms River Municipal Complex downtown. The Township Council Tuesday night approved a measure banning people from lighting up in the area around town hall, including the municipal parking garage.

Toms River Municipal Complex (Townsquare Media)

According to The Patch and the Asbury Park Press, the measure is an attempt to create a healthier atmosphere and a way of limiting second-hand smoke exposure.

The no smoking areas include Wilsey Way, the street between the municipal complex and the garage, Washington and Water Streets near the Ocean County Library and Horner and Robins Streets.

Smokers will still be allowed to light up on public sidewalks along any private properties in the vicinity and within private properties.

The township will allow three designated smoking areas within the boundaries of the ordinance, according to The Patch. Those areas will be located at least 25 feet from town hall and include refuse disposal containers.

Violators will face a $100 fine for the first offense and $200 for additional offenses.

Belmar is expected to approve a similar measure next month to prohibit smoking on beaches, according to the Asbury Park Press.