The end of a relationship turned not only bitter, but brutal, say Toms River police who charged a township 20-year-old with aggravated assault, allegedly for beating his ex with a trophy and a rake Tuesday.

According to township Police Chief Mike Mastronardy, Rozal Foster lost control when his former significant other, a Jackson 19-year-old, arrived at his house to collect her belongings around 10:30 AM.

Police who responded said that Foster chased her to a car in which her 44-year-old mother was waiting and began to whack it with a metal gym bar.

Investigators allege that Foster then dragged the girl about 15 feet and started flailing at her with the objects, breaking both in the process.

Police said that he also took a swing at a 52-year-old jogger who tried to intervene by raising her voice. He missed her, police said, then took off running.

Authorities said that Rozal was found underneath a pile of clothes in a bedroom closet in his house. The good Samaritan was unscathed, said police, but the others were treated for injuries at Kimball Medical Center in Lakewood.

In addition to the aggravated assault count, Rozal is charged with resisting arrest and criminal mischief. Police say he also faces outstanding warrants in the amounts of $500, issued in Pemberton, and $7,500, issued in Jackson.

Rozal was placed in the Ocean County Jail in Toms River, with bail set at $100,000 and no option for release on payment of 10 percent.