High school seniors, retirees with a yen to stay active, and dads or moms looking for extra cash to run the house - they'll be headed to the Seaside Heights Summer Job Fair on the boardwalk Saturday, May 5.

Organizers say that there are more than 200 positions waiting to be filled among the rides, game stands and snack bars. Plus, this year, says an upbeat Christine Karaska at the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, it's big enough to stretch beyond the beach and well past summer.

"We have a couple of big supermarkets coming," she tells us. "UPS is coming with casual driver positions that pay $16 an hour. We have a position for a tattoo artist!"

State labor officials co-sponsor the annual fair with the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District. The hirees enter positions that are often the first to greet visitors, and just as often the ones who leave the deepest impressions. So, says Christine, confidence and cheeriness are big pluses.

So is appearance. If you're trying to be hired on the spot - as many will - sweatpants, she says, won't cut it. "Business casual is the way to go. People who have resumes should bring them. You only have that first shot of making that first impression," says Christine.

It's open to everyone age 16 and up. Students should bring along report cards and, if they have them, honors certificates. Photo identification and social security cards are essential for all applicants. And a pen is a good idea, too.

The fair starts at noon and runs until 3 PM.