We have grown so accustomed to horrible stories that there really is nothing that could shock us any longer. Our imaginations have been pushed to the limit on a regular basis and stories that used to leave us shaking our heads in disbelief have become so routine that we are numb to even react. However even in this sick, depraved society every once in a while comes a story that you can’t ignore and that’s how I feel this morning.

As you may have heard in our newscasts a 20-year old from Belmar and his 17-year old accomplice have been charged in an attack on a homeless man in Wall which they taped and then posted on You Tube.

The 50-year old was not seriously injured but having seen the attack I can tell you it is disturbing, violent and degrading and it ends with them stealing the man’s bicycle.

Fortunately Taylor Giresi and the juvenile were stupid enough to put the video on You Tube which made for a quick and rather easy investigation for local police.


Giresi, who reportedly is a fan of TV shows like “Jackass” and “Jersey Shore” remains in the Monmouth County Jail on $110,000 bail while the juvenile (who did the filming) was released to a parent. There can be no punishment to harsh for this obvious dirt bag who has no regard for his fellow man and I can only hope that prosecutors seek the toughest penalty possible.

Don’t tell me about how he’s young and probably immature because anyone who would do that can’t have any redeeming qualities to offer society. Talk about rationale for an “eye for an eye” this would be it for me….let a bunch of others beat up on him. Meanwhile it would be nice to see local people come to the aid of the homeless man to at least make him a bit more comfortable, especially with winter arriving tomorrow.

  • Watch the videos by clicking here. These videos are graphic in nature and not suitable for all audiences.

I can’t explain why this story just hit me so hard because there are murders and beatings daily but this one just struck me. To pick on the defenseless… it’s just as low as you can go and to do it for pleasure and entertainment. May Mr. Giresi and his teenage friend have the worst possible Christmas which will still be better than that of their victim.