Oyster beer is being brewed right here in New Jersey, of course, perfect fit, right?

Surprisingly, oysters and beer have been paired before, according to njmonthly.com. History says the two are linked because oysters were once plentiful and cheap and oysters were a popular snack for bar-goers.

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Here's how it all started with a New Jersey brewery. The New Jersey's seafood in industry was struggling because of Covid-19. Oyster Farmers largely rely on sales to restaurants and raw bars, there was basically no indoor dining last summer and oyster farmers could not offload the extra surplus.

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Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing in Cherry Hill thought of a great idea. The owner of Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing wanted to showcase two industries - craft beer and oysters. So, in collaboration with Forty North Oyster Farm, part of the Barnegat Oyster Collective, Forgotten Boardwalk introduced Fortune's Fate, a lemon oyster gose. A gose is a German-style beer and adding salt for the during the brewing process. The owner changed it up a little bit thought, she omitted the salt, substituting the natural juice of hand-shucked oysters. The result of this beer a sour ale with a pleasant hint of saltiness.

I tasted this, by the way it is sold all over the shore at different liquor stores. It's not my cup of tea, but I really could taste the salt from the oysters, my husband loved it. Definitely try it out. It just yells, "Jersey Shore". You might love it.

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