Another delicious topic to write about. Pizza is a universal language of "food" love. According to Gozney, "According to our survey, the average American eats approximately 156 slices a year, with a third (33%) having pizza at least once per week and most (35%) eating an average of 3 slices per sitting." So as you can see it's a popular food, like you needed me to tell you lol

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So what is "square pizza"? According to Green Lantern Pizza, "Sicilian-style pizza originated in Sicily and is a square pizza with a fluffy, spongy base topped with sauce and toppings. After World War II, it became popular in the United States and began to evolve a little from its original Sicilian roots." Parker Hilton Parker Hilton


So if you are looking for a Sicilian pie you may want to check out Brooklyn Square Pizza in Jackson, New Jersey. Brooklyn Square Pizza is located at 265 S New Prospect Rd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527. They have two additional locations in Manalapan Township and Toms River.


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When was the last time you had a delicious "Sicilian" pizza? The next time you are looking for a tasty "Sicilian" pie, look no further than Brooklyn Square Pizza in Jackson. They also have locations in Toms River and Manalapan Township in Monmouth County.


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