So many changes over 15 years, but there's been one constant  - the love from all of you, the wonderful WOBM listeners who have turned into my family. You have been with me through everything in my life.

When I say changes, I mean lots of changes in my life: from being proposed to on the radio years ago, to my bridal shower party with you, to getting married the first time, to having Abby, going through and telling everyone I was pregnant on the radio, giving birth then the next day back on the air telling you all about it. My Mommy Blog and all your help through the years, then my divorce, and now my new marriage. This glorious adventure continues. We've been through a lot together. This crazy ride has been full of tears, laughter, hugs, and amazing moments with you by my side.

I wouldn't change a thing. When I first started on WOBM, I remember that feeling: that feeling in my tummy. The nerves, the excitement, I still have it today. My love for WOBM and my partner Shawn, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I get a lot of questions about my career and why I stay here. Let's face it, being in radio now for more than 25 years, we don't get a shot at being on one station for as long as we have. It's a privilege, it's a joy, and I would never trade it for anything.

Check out some of my favorite memories over the years:

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