Have you seen the recent Facebook "quiz", where you can create a word cloud of your most used words of the year? Fun, right? There's one big problem, though, it's a privacy nightmare.

Technology analysts over at the website Comparitech broke down all of the small print that's included in the privacy policy that comes up when you give the "quiz" permission to access your Facebook profile.

And it's actually kind of scary.

They say that you've just given permission for the company, Vonvon, which is based out of South Korea, access to everything from your photos, statuses and videos, to more sensitive info like your birthday, phone number, and full list of friends.

The biggest problem though, as they say in the article, "there are no take-backs". Once you've given permission and published the results. They own your info. You can't take it back.

So, a good rule of thumb - if a 3rd party website run by a company that you've likely never heard of asks for unrestricted access to your whole social media profile, it's usually best to not proceed.

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