Alert: New Jersey Residents, Be Wary of Surprise Packages and Tricky Scams

Something tricky is happening around the country and here in New Jersey, and it's important to be careful and pay attention. People are receiving unexpected packages they didn't ask for, which could lead to issues with their personal information and safety. A few colleagues have had first-hand experience with these brushing scams, receiving unwanted packages, confirming that it's a real scam we need to be cautious about.


What's a Brushing Scam?

In straightforward terms, a brushing scam happens when someone who owns an online store sends items to people who didn't buy anything. The aim is to improve the store's ratings unfairly. They do this by faking a purchase and shipping the product to a random person. 

This deceitful action makes the system believe a genuine sale occurred. As a result, the phony sale boosts the seller's rating on popular online platforms like Amazon and eBay. Many times, the fake store posts phony reviews using the recipient's details, including name and location.

The danger for the recipient is that their personal details, like their name, address, or phone number, may have been exposed or compromised.

What You Should Do If You Receive an Unordered Package

  1. Make sure your accounts are secure by updating your passwords.
  2. Regularly check your credit card statements and credit reports for any unusual activity.
  3. Refrain from sending any money for the product.
  4. If you haven't opened the package, mark it as "return to sender," the postal service will return it at no cost.
  5. Report the scam to Amazon or eBay and request the removal of any fake reviews made in your name.
  6. Considering the items are typically inexpensive and imitation, you can choose to keep them.
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Stay informed, remain vigilant, and take proactive steps to protect your personal information from deceptive scams. Stay safe, New Jersey!

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