Excluding major presidential and gubernatorial elections, voter turnout amongst young and middle age voters is traditionally low. New Jersey's November 8th's mid term election will likely continue the trend, which begs the questions "why isn't the 60 and under crowd getting out to the polls?"

This election is not short for important races, having all 120 state legislative seats up for grabs, featuring countless mayoral races, putting countless freeholders on ballot, as well as having a question on sports betting. Yet, even with all of that many find the local elections tedious.

"I don't think there's much to the voting, that's why people don't do it. They wait for the right time for it, but I don't think this has any bearing on anything." says one Ocean County resident. However he does concede that come Tuesday " he does concede however " I just do it [vote] because my wife is a teacher and I work for the town [Brick]."

Voter apathy is also a reason many younger people stay away from the ballots. One resident saying "I don't trust anybody, so I don't vote for anybody."

Still the rigors of a busy career, family life, and social obligations prevent time to get up to speed on local candidates and issues.  One mother says that she has "never voted" in local races.

"Maybe I'm just not 'up and up' with politics. So I think my vote would be an un educated vote." she notes that with a child at home, it leaves little time for turning onto a news channel, "You know I watch Barney all day when I'm home, so not really much time [to catch up on politics]."

Still some younger voters do believe in making your voice heard, noting how they felt "voting is my duty."

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