It's fall and it's all about baking. The smells the kitchen in the fall, is there anything better?

Things might be a little bit different when you grocery shop for your bakery needs this year, one little thing...bring your identification.

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Fall is absolutely gorgeous here at the Jersey Shore and in New Jersey. It's football season and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Don't even get me started on that delicious pumpkin pie. I'm so excited for Halloween this year.

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Once Halloween passes, the holidays are here. Thanksgiving meals and desserts and Christmas. Things have changed a little last year than this year when you buy your baking products and what "some" stores my be asking you for when purchasing this one item.

Several friends were shopping in Pennsylvania and went to buy baking soda and they were asked or ID. It's not alcohol, it's not cigarettes? What are they thinking? I've never heard of this before. My friend in PA asked why am I being carded for buying baking soda and they were told it's because baking soda is a recipe for some drugs and is used by drug dealers. This is so weird, really?

So, there are several states that do check for identification for baking soda. It's like when I buy Sudafed, I need to show ID. But, baking soda is so strange to me?

I went to my local ShopRite and bought baking soda, I just had to. I did not get carded and they did not ask to see my identification. I did ask them if they heard of this and they said they just had a meeting about this. Does that mean soon New Jersey will soon start asking for identification for baking soda? I totally use baking soda in my refrigerator for smells. And, I have one under my sink in the kitchen.

Did you ever get asked for identification when buy baking soda?

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