Some call it Brick, Brick Twp or even Bricktown when they're feeling nostalgic. 32 jam-packed square miles including Adamston, Breton Woods,Burrsville, Cedar Bridge, Cedarwood Park, Cherry Quay, Greenbriar, Havens Cove, Havens Point, Herbertsville, Herring Island, Lanes Mills,Laurelton, Mandalay Park, Mardells Neck, Metedeconk, Metedeconk Neck, Osbornville, Playground Beach, Riviera Beach, Seaweed Point, Shore Acres, Sloop Point, Swan Point, West Mantoloking and West Osbornville.

Brick has a lot of history. Here are just 10 ways you know you're from Brick. Feel free to add your additions in the comment section below! 

  • (photo: Google Street View)
    (photo: Google Street View)

    You Know Someone Who Works at Shoprite

    Maybe you work at Shoprite! Either way, the grocery store is the epicenter of Brick.

  • You've Been Pulled Over on Chambersbridge

    It's well known that if you ever go one MPH over 50 on Chambersbridge, you will be pulled over and most likely ticketed. That is if you can ever reach 50 with all the traffic.

  • You've Made a U-Turn in a Parking Lot at Least Once

    It's happened to all of us. You're on 70 and not paying attention when you miss your U-Turn and have to go at least 10 minutes out of your way to find a parking lot to turn around in to get yourself back on course.

  • The Big Event of the Year is Brick vs. Brick Football

    The epic showdown! Memorial's Mustangs face off against the Brick Twp. Dragons.

  • You Have a Dunkin Donuts that is "Yours"

    There are two things that Brick doesn't lack. Wawas and Dunkin Donuts. Both of which are a beautiful thing.

  • You Actually Remember When the Ghetto Foodtown on Route 70 was Open

    That was the go-to grocery store in Brick forever! But it seems it was an empty lot and eyesore for even longer.

  • You Have Fond Memories of Lake Riviera Park

    A full blown park in your backyard! So cool.

  • Mantoloking in Summer Should be Renamed "Hell"

    Summertime is Mantoloking is the best...if you get there before 9 a.m. on a weekday. Otherwise, good luck!

  • Your First Job Was at H&L Greens, Caldor or Jamesway

    Does it get any better than retail?

  • You Could Navigate the Laurelton Circle and Live to Tell About it

    The Laurelton Circle was located near the center of Brick Township. The traffic circle was at the junction of Route 70, Route 88 and Princeton Avenue. It was converted to a traffic light regulated intersection in 1986, due to an increase in traffic and accidents. To reduce the need for left turns, a short portion of eastbound Route 88 was re-routed onto Princeton Avenue.

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