As a dog lover, I struggled with how to post this story. The picture and the story are sickening. But there is important information on how you can help this shockingly abused dog found in Wall Township.

UPDATE (6:45pm):
Our Facebook friend Susan referred us to this update from NBC New York - A Brick couple has been charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. Read the whole story here.

On their Facebook page
, Popcorn Park tells of how a passerby spotted a garbage bag on the side of the road that appeared to be moving. On further inspection, the person found an adult dog inside who was covered in filth.

The dog was taken to the vet hospital in Tinton Falls (who have taken fantastic care of my dog in the past). The staff had to shave the pup's fur off, which is when they truly discovered the extent of his injuries and malnutrition.

At this point, they're hoping that the dog, who they named "Morgan" will pull through. In the meantime, they're asking the public for any information that they may have on who could have done this, and are offering a $500 reward.

You can get all the info by clicking here for Popcorn Park's Facebook page.