For a guy who doesn't like bugs, I've always loved fireflies.

When I was a kid, I was totally that kid who would catch them and put them in a jar next to my bed for as long as they'd keep lighting up. Then I'd be right back outside catching more.

I don't imprison the little critters anymore, but there's still that childlike thrill when I manage to snag one out of the sky and it crawls on my hand blinking away.

I noticed two interesting things this year, though; they seemed to be out earlier than normal, and it feels like there are fewer than in the past as well.

And it's not just me.

According to our sister station New Jersey 101.5, the lightning bug population is indeed declining.

Thankfully, the expert that they quoted says that the trend is reversible, so our kids and our kids' kids will be able to enjoy catching the little critters for years to come if we take care to protect the population.

You can read much more by clicking here, including some simple tips that we can all do as individuals to help protect the little blinking bugs for generations!


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