The distance between Ocean and Monmouth Counties and New York City makes it a pretty easy trip when you want to see a Broadway show or concert.  But have you ever thought about going to The Big Apple to watch TV?  I watch a TV show get made?

I just sat in on a taping of "The Rachael Ray Show" and it was a great day out!  My sister and friend and I, along with dozens of other people (mainly from NY/NJ/PA) filled the studio seats and watched camera and audio crew members set everything up.  We saw staffers putting props on set.  The audience warm-up guy was a really funny comedian who got us laughing and applauding before and during the show and during breaks while the set got prepared for the next segment.  My cheeks actually hurt from laughing so much so that entertainment alone was worth the price of the bus ticket to New York!

But then Rachael Ray came out, smiling and personable, just like she is on TV.  The cameras recorded her talking with home expert Carter Oosterhouse about how we can spruce up our backyards.  We watched delicious looking burgers and sliders get made during the cooking segments.

The Rachael Ray Show

Rachael shoots two or three shows in a day and at this particular taping, there were no celebrities promoting their upcoming movies or TV shows, but we did see Richard Dreyfuss leave the studio, so perhaps the earlier group got to see an interview with him.

I not only laughed and enjoyed seeing Rachael Ray on her TV set, but I also learned some tips from the celebrity chef and author.  Did you know that it's good to press burger patties so that they are thinner towards the center?  That will allow for more even cooking.  She also suggests grilling a little coin sized patty first to make sure you're happy with your combination of meat and seasonings.  See, it was educational as well as fun!

Tickets to the TV studio are free.  You just fill out an online form and wait for the production company to write you back with some available dates.  Here's the link.

Have you ever been to the taping of a TV show?  Did you enjoy it?


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