I already know that I'll get at least a couple of comments to this article saying, "it's the water, that's where sharks live!".

I know that because it's happened a number of times this spring and summer.

But that's what makes the whole situation unusual, the fact that there have been an unusually high number of whale and shark sightings at and around the Jersey Shore so far in 2020.

So, go ahead and make that comment, I don't mind because this it yet another odd local shark sighting story.

I should say "potential" shark sighting because officials note that the sightings haven't been confirmed yet, but considering the sheer number of whales and sharks that have been spotted in our neck of the woods in the last few months, I'm inclined to believe it.

Going back to June, we heard the story of a whale that was spotted in the Shrewsbury River.

This time around, it's word of a possible shark in the Navesink River, specifically a bull shark.

The Rumson Police Department notes that they've gotten a number of reports of Navesink River shark sightings and that they've given the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife the heads up about it.

Here's the statement from the Rumson Police Department's official Facebook page:

To catch you up on all of the aquatic life that's passed through our waters so far this year, we've had whales getting way too close to boats, sharks dining on a dolphin right on an LBI beach, and even sea lice (yup, that's a thing).

There was even a local fisherman that found a great white shark in his nets.

But, you know, we're here at the Shore, that's where they live after all!


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