Six Flags, Great Adventure has something exciting up its sleeves for this Summer.

Get ready to take a trip back in time - way, way back in time.

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Because starting on May 28th, you'll be able to see dinosaurs at Six Flags, Great Adventure's Wild Safari. The experience will be called Xpedition Dino, and you can catch it from May 28th - September 7th. I first read about the exciting news on, and here's how they described the thrilling event:

Six Flags Xpedition Dino, a dinosaur addition to the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure, will open May 28 and feature 30 animatronic life-sized dinosaurs. Guests will be able to drive through the tour or walk a wooded path among the dinosaurs, and can stream a custom soundtrack from mobile devices that “marries this prehistoric adventure with the 21st century” according to Six Flags.

WHOA. This literally sounds like it could be something out of a movie. Don't you love how you can choose whether you'll walk or drive-thru? I feel like that element makes this perfect for families or thrill-seekers. The Wild Safari at Great Adventure was always a summer tradition here in Ocean County, but Xpedition Dino is going to take it to the next level.

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The life-sized dinosaurs are incredible to look at. Six Flags says you can bring your phone and take photos with them (only if you're doing the walk-through experience). You can get a sneak peek at the dinosaurs you'll encounter by clicking here (ever hear of a Deinonychus Watcher? I certainly have not before today.)

So, how can you see these pre-historic beasts? All you have to do is purchase an add-on for $5 (yes, you'll need an add-on for one-day park tickets, season passes, and memberships). But, don't forget, you'll have to make a reservation before you visit.

This will definitely be an unforgettable experience!

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