Is your town on the Top 10 List? The Top 10 "smartest" towns in New Jersey? NJ Spotlight News did an article that highlighted the Top 10 right here in the Garden State. So how did they figure out the "smartest" towns in New Jersey?


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Education Austin Distel



The data for this survey was compiled by Safe Home and took into account things like "college degrees, high school graduation, professional or advanced degrees and test scores, giving various weights to different measures." As the survey put it: “Our analysis of the available data covering educational achievement and test scores found that the smartest U.S. state is New Jersey, and (sorry to this state) the dumbest one is Idaho. New Jersey’s total score of 337.8 was safely ahead of No. 2 Utah, with its score of 324.” So congratulations to our education system here in New Jersey, number one in America.


Education John Schnobrich


NJ Spotlight News used this informative survey by Safe Home to list the Top 10 smartest towns in New Jersey. "Below, then, are arguably the dozen “smartest” sizeable municipalities (those with an adult population of at least 1,000) in New Jersey, ranked by the percent of the adult population — age 25 and older — with advanced degrees, as estimated on the 2018 ACS."

10. Chatham Township

9. Bernards Township

8. Pennington

7. Plainsboro

6. Montgomery

5. Tenafly

4. West Windsor

3. Millburn

2. Mountain Lakes

1. Princeton


Princeton Kirubakaran Manoharan


There you go, the Top 10 "smartest" towns in the Garden State. Congratulations again to our New Jersey educators on being the "smartest" state in America. Job well done folks :)


Princeton University Khürt Williams


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