Visiting my niece's college over the weekend, I saw the microwave oven that's in her dorm room. The panel had all the usual buttons, but I was surprised to see what was down below:  USB ports and an electrical outlet for charging phones and tablets.

This microwave manufacturer surely knows their market!  Extra charging stations in old dorm rooms where there are not a lot of wall's brilliant!

With our smart phones so much a part of our lives, it's no wonder we're seeing features like this.  I've noticed "Charging Stations" pop up in supermarkets, train stations, and buses.  Airports have had Charging Kiosks for a while but lately I've been seeing outlets right in the seating areas.  In some airports each seat has its own place to charge a device.

Some airplanes now let you charge while flying.  And my most recent Uber driver offered me a charging cord as soon as I entered the vehicle.  What a great thing to offer passengers who may need some juice to keep their phones working.

Where in Ocean County have you seen a Charging Station pop up?  Have you seen ports and outlets in other appliances like my niece's microwave?

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