We know how to do dessert here in Ocean County. I mean hey, we have one of the best donut shops in the U.S! But hot on the heels of the "Cronut" craze, a New York food outlet has produced a new Franken-dessert. Behold, the "cinnamon roll donut":



That's right, it's the turducken of the dessert world - a gooey cinnamon roll lovingly embraced inside of a glazed donut.

As of right now, you'd have to hop New Jersey Transit from the shore to New York City and visit Catch Restaurant for the sticky calorie bomb. And if it turns into the next Cronut, you can bet that you'll want to plan ahead so you don't show up to a sold out sign.

So here's the question - would you travel for this decadent dessert? Comment below and let us know!