So every year Lays Potato Chips do a limited release on oddly flavored potato chips, usually inspired by customers and their broad "pallets" (as Gorden Ramsay would say).

Pork roll (Facebook)
Pork roll (Facebook)

This year Lays is taking a different approach and offering flavored potato chips based on famous foods from different parts of the United States. For instance, inspired by Boston, for a limited time you will be able to purchase a "New England Lobster Roll" bag of chips. If you are from the Chicago area, you will be able to pick up a bag of "Deep Dish Pizza" potato chips.

So it got me thinking, our staple food here in New Jersey is Pork Roll - yes, PORK ROLL... not Taylor Ham. If Lays came out with a "Pork Roll" bag of potato chips would you eat them? Do you think they would be tasty?

I have this odd feeling that they would be very tasty! It could also give you an excuse to have potato chips for breakfast.

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