So every year Lays Potato Chips do a limited release on oddly flavored potato chips, usually inspired by customers and their broad "pallets" (as Gorden Ramsay would say).

Pork roll (Facebook)

This year Lays is taking a different approach and offering flavored potato chips based on famous foods from different parts of the United States. For instance, inspired by Boston, for a limited time you will be able to purchase a "New England Lobster Roll" bag of chips. If you are from the Chicago area, you will be able to pick up a bag of "Deep Dish Pizza" potato chips.

So it got me thinking, our staple food here in New Jersey is Pork Roll - yes, PORK ROLL... not Taylor Ham. If Lays came out with a "Pork Roll" bag of potato chips would you eat them? Do you think they would be tasty?

I have this odd feeling that they would be very tasty! It could also give you an excuse to have potato chips for breakfast.

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