When Major League Baseball’s revised postseason began I had 10 teams to root for…everyone but the Yankees and Phillies.  As an unhappy, disappointed and disgruntled Mets fan I could live with any team winning but those two.  For a time I feared a Yankees-Phillies World Series which would have left me in a terrible place but fortunately the team from the Bronx once again spit the bit against the Houston Astros who swept them in four straight.

So now it’s the Phillies and Astros…one really good team against one that would not even have qualified for the postseason if not for the extra wild card teams added this year.  In fairness that should not take away from what they’ve achieved in disposing of the Cardinals, Braves and Padres to make it to the World Series for the first time since 2009 which by the way was the last time the Yankees won it all.

Anyway I know there are many Phillies fans in our area partly due to the Jersey Shore BlueClaws being an affiliate of theirs.  As you travel south in Ocean County you are likely to find yourself in Phillies country and since this playoff run has been totally unexpected I’m sure many of their fans are on cloud nine.  It certainly would be a boost for our area to have the Phillies win it all…I mean it’s not like there are too many Astros fans around here.

However despite the fact that many despise Houston over their tainted 2017 championship I do not.  I admire how they have assembled a club that has in the last six seasons won the American League pennant four times, lost the championship series the other two and captured their only World Series that one time.

I expect if they can find a way to cool off Bryce Harper I won’t have to suffer and listen to their fans all winter.  Let’s go Astros!

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