At this time of year, you're likely to be attending multi-generational gatherings.  And you're likely to say the wrong name or be called the wrong name, because, well...that's just what happens!  I did an unscientific survey online and dozens of friends were routinely called by their siblings' names before the parent or grandparent got it right.  And in some cases, even the dog's name comes out! Speaking of pets,  I've mistakenly referred to other dogs as Taylor.

You may confuse your children's names with your sibling's names.  Or maybe you've trained all the kids to respond to "Hey You!"

And then when a boyfriend/girlfriend/stepmom/stepdad/stepsibling enters the picture?  Things can get even more complicated and confusing!

So just for fun, since this is a time of year to reminisce about childhood, or reflect on your own journey as a parent...What name or names were you often mistakenly called as a child?  And did pet names ever get uttered by accident?


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