I'm inspired by people who share their personal struggles in an effort to help others.  My friend Terry has taken her depression story public and now provides a free podcast called Giving Voice To Depression.  She's happily watching the Facebook community grow knowing that even if a person doesn't have depression, they know someone who does.  She believes her podcasts help people understand the condition so they know how to help themselves and/or those around them.

Terry and her sister co-host the segments which usually feature interviews with mental health professionals and intimate conversations with people who have had depression.  The hosts are bright, funny, humorous, and relatable.  Plus, Terry's a professional broadcaster with a voice you will enjoy listening to.  The goal of the two sisters is to increase awareness about and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Some of the topics covered include: depression in the elderly, teen suicide, couples issues, empathy, and asking for help.

If you're feeling out of sorts, it may just be a case of the winter blues, or it may be something more.  Depression is treatable!  To learn more, visit the Giving Voice To Depression website.

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