The Toms River Halloween Parade is canceled this year, the first time in years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I know this is a rather weird question? I'm hoping trick-or-treat isn't canceled, but it will be interesting. Will Toms River have trick-or-treat on Halloween this year?

Getty Images/iStockphoto

It's been years and years since Toms River had trick-or-treat on October 31st, this year could be different. Because of the Halloween Parade on Halloween every year in Downtown Toms River, trick-or-treat is "usually" always on October 30th for Toms River and surrounding areas. I guess we should ask the question, will there even be trick-or-treating this year? I'd hate to think Halloween is canceled.

Remember when we were young and we would go out "Halloweening" (that's what my Mom would always call it) we would actually go into people's houses and they'd guess who we were. We would always know the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhoods. Can you imagine if it was still like that. I would imagine it would be canceled then.

Since the kids usually stay outside to collect their candy, I would imagine it can still happen. So many kids dreams will be shattered, I'd hate to see it canceled. But, it's the groups of kids that might have to be cut down to several walking around together.

I know you're saying, "Sue...we don't even know about school, yet"? I know, but it's a little bit exciting to think that Toms River could have a rather "normal" trick-or-treat, but it will be different because the "normal" is the Halloween Parade.


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