It's certainly fair to say that the just signed law phasing in the $15 minimum wage in New Jersey has been controversial, but it could also kick the hornet's nest of another age-old Jersey controversy - self serve vs. full serve gas.

Of all of the topics I write about for WOBM, the one that whips up the most ire is definitely the subject of self-service gas being outlawed which, as you surely know, is now a Jersey-only phenomenon.

One of the side effects of the $15 minimum wage could be the phasing out of gas station attendants.

New Jersey State Senator Declan O’Scanlon explains it like this:

New Jersey is basically famous for not wanting to pump our own gas. In fact, I’ve previously received phone calls making sure to let me know that ‘Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas’! Well, we better be prepared to start pumping our own gas soon because one of the industries that is bracing for massive losses is our fuel merchants. Local gas station owners testified before us that they cannot sustain employees and keep their businesses open without bringing in self-serve gas.

Now, I do want to make clear, and I say this every time, I don't want to see anybody lose their job, so while I am a proponent of being able to pump our own gas, I've always said that I'd like to see it as an option, not as a requirement.

Giving New Jerseyans the choice to pump our own gas? Yes, please.

Forcing New Jerseyans pump their own gas because the minimum wage makes it impossible to keep gas attendants employed? No, thank you.



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