The Oscar Nominations were announced this morning and I'm very pleased to see La La Land in the running for 14 awards.  It's a delightful film that's lighthearted and whimsical, yet also realistic and emotional.  Plus there's plenty of singing and dancing which I love!

I've always been a fan of musicals on stage and in the movies.  And I enjoyed every episode of "Glee" which had characters singing multiple songs each week.  But I know musicals are not for everyone.  People complain it's not realistic to see actors talking and then breaking out into song.   People don't do that in real life.  To them I say, "What's wrong with suspending reality for a couple of hours? Why not let yourself get lost in a feel-good film?"  In stressful times, a movie like La La Land provides a beautiful and enjoyable escape.

Since the film has already won a bunch of awards, and could stand to sweep the Academy Awards in February, do you think we'll start seeing more movie musicals? Would you like to see more singing and dancing on the big screen?

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