It's been closed for so long now and is still empty. The Berkeley Plaza is located on Rt. 9 in Bayville.

The ACME Draft House was very popular. At the time of the pandemic, they had to close their doors.

I was hoping after restaurants were opening in Ocean County and restrictions were lifted, ACME Draft House would re-open. They're still closed and from what I hear, they're not re-opening.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

This is pretty sad for us in Bayville. It was a nice restaurant for everyone in the family. Can we just give a shout-out to their Irish Nachos, come on, they were delicious. From the Irish Nachos to their soups and the TVs in the booth, we enjoyed it. We had so many great memories there with the family.

The ACME Draft House is located in Berkeley Plaza in Bayville. The restaurant is right next to a liquor store and the pet store. The plaza is usually packed because of ShopRite. It would be a great location for another restaurant.

It might be a great space for a brewing company or a distillery. I think that would be pretty cool for Bayville.

For a while we were hearing that it was going to be a distillery, but I haven't heard anything. Have you heard anything? Why is it still empty? A family restaurant would be great in this location. I miss this place and I miss the closeness of a nice restaurant.

We are in desperate need of a family restaurant in Bayville. I'd love to see something move into this location.

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