It's time to talk about a minor pet-peeve that, this time of year, feels less minor.  In fact, it feels like a MAJOR annoyance right now, when my holiday stress level is high.  People who back into parking spaces.  Why do they do it?  Why can't they be like the rest of us and go with the flow?  See a spot and pull in.  It's that easy.

Truth be told, my guy is one of these people and he knows it drives me crazy.  The backing into a spot makes it easy to pull out, he says.  Of course, I understand that, but the maneuver blocks things up for the rest of us who are in a hurry and just want to find a spot so we can get shopping or to our business meetings, doctor appointments or whatever.

Do you pull into a parking space or do you put your car in "reverse" and back in?  I read that it can be safer to back in because the driver faces stationary obstacles whereas when backing out, we have to be aware of moving cars and pedestrians.  I can't argue with that logic.  But it still bugs me.  Thanks for letting me vent.  Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!


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