Look at that place in the photo above. Creepy, huh?

It's actually one of my very favorite Shore destinations, the InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum, housed at Wall's Camp Evans, just off Route 18.

It's great. It's super interesting and incredibly historic. Filled with cutting edge discoveries, real life top secret intrigue, and, oh yeah, ghosts. 

Every year, InfoAge becomes The Camp Evans Base of Terror, a top notch haunted house that the tireless volunteers plan for months and terrifyingly bring to life (or to death, as the case may be) every fall.

But the Halloween haunted house is only part of the story.

In addition to actors in costume, flashing lights, and props, Camp Evans is also home to some of the most unnerving unexplained experiences that I've ever had.

I've been to Camp Evans many times with my Ocean County Paranormal colleagues, and it practically never fails that weird stuff goes down there.

So, by all means, head out to Wall starting this Friday and enjoy the Base of Terror every Friday and Saturday between now and the weekend before Halloween.

Visit InfoAge year-round for the secret history that many don't know went on right here at the Jersey Shore.

But while you're there, don't be surprised if you feel a hand on your shoulder, turn around, and don't see anyone standing behind you!

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