There's a fast food worker (NOT in Ocean County) who has a very annoying voice.  It blares through the drive-through loud speaker and makes some customers cringe.  But their sandwiches are so good, the customers keep patronizing the place.  Maybe you've encountered someone with a voice that was tough to listen to.  Maybe you actually work with someone and are subject to the cacophony for hours on end. I don't want to get anyone in trouble or start any office conflicts so let me ask you about famous people.  Who is a popular singer or actor whose voice grates on you?

I have to say that Bob Dylan and Tom Waits are very hard for me to listen to.  And Carol Channing.  As much as people revere Janis Joplin, I'm not a fan.

Voice is such a subjective thing.  You may LOVE all those singers I just mentioned.  The vocal fry of the Kardashians is something that bugs a lot of people, yet many of our teens are starting to talk like them because they want to be like them.

Of the people on TV these days, do any have a voice that grates on you?  What about movie actors?  What famous singers do you have a hard time listening to?



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