Whoever runs the official NJ Twitter account has a mouth on them, and I love it.

Seriously, the state needs to give that person, or should I say people, a raise; because it turns out there's not one, but two people tweeting for the Garden State!  NorthJersey.com shared that Pearl Gabel and Megan Coyne are the "women behind the curtain."  Well done, ladies!

Just a little over a year ago, I shared some of the funniest tweets from @NJGov, but somehow the account has managed to top those.

What you're about to see is sassy, funny, and offensive in the best way.  It makes me truly proud to be from New Jersey.  I dare you to try and find another state with an A+ meme game.  It won't happen.

The brilliance of this social media account is unmatched.  It manages to get out important information and news, and share some gorgeous pictures of the beach, but won't miss a chance to throw jabs at neighboring states like Delaware, New York, or Pennsylvania, and remind people that our pizza is the best in the nation.  You gotta love it.

Whether you're having an off day, or just need another reason to be proud you're not from a boring state (which I'll be nice and not name any examples of), you'll definitely want to check out these top-notch posts from the New Jersey Twitter Account.

And I'm sure both Gabel and Coyne would like me to remind everyone that New Jersey is the pizza capital of the world, as they've stated many times.

5 More Sassy and Hysterical Tweets from the @NJGov Account

Whoever runs the official NJ Twitter account has a mouth on them, and I love it. This is some of their best work.

now check out more of the NJ Twitter account's best work

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