This past weekend I took a road trip to partake in one of my favorite parts of fall - apple picking. And I brought home one of the few treats that I truly can't resist, a box of apple cider donuts.

I was visiting a college friend out in Pennsylvania, and he took me to Hollabaugh Orchard in Biglerville, PA.

Now, I have to give you a little background - my whole life, my family takes an annual trip out to Terhune Orchards in Lawrenceville. I love everything about Terhune; their apple selection, their apple cider, and especially their apple cider donuts.

That being said, Terhune, I feel awful for saying this, but Hollabaugh has the best apple cider donuts that I've ever had.

I know, I know, I feel like I'm cheating on an old friend. But you have to go into these things with an open mind. And I still love Terhune's donuts, but I may now be obsessed with Hollabaugh's.

Obviously, I can't take a trip out to Biglerville, PA every weekend, so this is where I need your opinions - who do you think makes the best apple cider donuts at or near the shore?

Comment below and shout out your favorites!


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