Air conditioning is one of the best inventions ever.  I think we all can agree on that.  But it's also the cause of heated arguments and even divorces!  Husbands and wives notoriously bicker over room temperature.  But the issue doesn't just affect couples, as I was reminded over the weekend while road tripping with my sister.

She's always hot so she dresses light and keeps the AC at the coldest possible setting.  I'm always cold so I wear layers, even in summer.  Don't laugh but on Saturday when it was in the 90s, I wore a long sleeve cardigan and a scarf around my neck!  If I dressed like her, I'd have been freezing during our car ride together.

As great as air conditioning is...some people just don't like that constant cold blowing on them.  (I'm included in this group.)  But I know that it's hard to focus and stay productive when you're sweltering.  What's the solution to this admittedly "First World Problem?"

Do you have thermostat wars with anyone in your home or car?  How do you handle sharing space with someone whose comfort level differs from yours?  How are things faring this summer in Ocean County workplaces?  Are the chilly folks fighting for control over the thermostat?


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