Remember a while back I sat in on the taping of the Rachael Ray Show?  Well the episode finally aired on Tuesday so I can say that yes, officially, I was "on TV."  For about half a second!  It was a quick shot of me clapping with other audience members as the camera panned across our row quickly.  You would have missed me if you blinked.  It was that quick!

As I was telling this to my friend online, he told me that he had got much more air time on a TV show.  He was a contestant on that MTV show "Remote Control."  Remember that?  It got me thinking about other people in my life who appeared on TV.  Another friend won some great prizes on Australia's "Sale of the Century," but I don't know of any others who actually made it on to a televised show.

With all the talent competition and game shows on TV, now and over the years, it's possible that many WOBM listeners have been featured.

If you have had some time on TV, let us know about it!  Do you still have the video clip saved?

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