Every second counts when it comes to Cardiac Arrest so the American Red Cross is encouraging all of us to know about CPR (Cardiopulmonary Recuscitation.)  It's actually CPR Week, so I decided to dedicate today's blog to this important topic.

I remember being at a conference in 1990.  A group of us was walking to the breakfast room when we heard some moaning.  We saw the leader of the event on his back, lying on the ground.  I called 911 while my friend ran to get one of the attendees we knew was a nurse.  She got to him quickly and began CPR but, unfortunately, he didn't make it.

Since then I always wondered how I'd respond if I was the ONLY person around.  I know the basics of CPR but I've never actually performed it on anyone.

I think it's great that there's now a free app we can all put on our phones.  I've already put the free Red Cross First Aid app on mine.  It shows step by step instructions for what to do if someone is unresponsive and not breathing.  I've also downloaded the Red Cross PET First Aid app because I have a dog.  I hope to never need either but it's comforting to know now that I could help in case of an accident or other emergency.

As for where you can go to get in-person CPR training, enter your zip code here to find a location near you.

Have you ever performed CPR on someone in Ocean County?  



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