Have you ever thought about why we live where we live?  The obvious answer for many is they were born here and simply never left.  Family ties and connections would likely be the most common answer and followed by something to do with jobs and careers.

However there does become a point when many start thinking there might be a better place for them.  For example if you love summer and warm weather then it might make sense to consider a move to Florida or Arizona although summers can be unbearable with heat and humidity.  If the opposite was what you were seeking….change of seasons and plenty of snow then there is Vermont, Colorado and a number of other places.

If buying or building a new house at a good price with plenty of property and low taxes was your priority you would certainly be moving….maybe south or to the mid-west.  What if you’re looking for a much simpler life with less traffic and congestion and maybe even a place where they still don’t lock their doors at night.  You might have to wait for heaven for that one.

There are many reasons why people choose to live where they do.  Family, job, housing, entertainment options, safety, public transportation, weather and many others.  They key word there is choose because at the end of the day once you become an adult you are likely free to go wherever you want.

I have always respected those who simply pick up and move their family to a place with a life style that matches them better.  It’s not easy to relocate and leave your “home” behind and you can come up with a long list of why you should not but the #1 factor should be where you’re happy.  I wonder where that would be for me.

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