I just did some spring cleaning in my closet, pulling out the items I haven't worn in a while, and setting them aside for charity.  I know it's hard to part with clothing, but if it doesn't fit or doesn't really match anything, why not give it away?  My momentary clinging always gets replaced by a good feeling of knowing my stuff will be put to good use somewhere.  It will get a new life with someone else.

Organizational experts recommend taking photos of the pieces you're fond of but need to part with.  Try it!  Another tip is move the "donate" pile to another room, away from your usual traffic flow.   If after a week or two you don't miss those clothes, you can donate them with confidence.

Just today I donated a couple bags of clothes to a place that runs a thift store.  Then, I bought a few more bargain priced pieces that will freshen up my wardrobe while also helping the charity.  The store in Toms River on Route 37 by Aldi works to benefit Ocean County Hunger Relief.  Habitat for Humanity's ReStore on Route 9 in Eagleswood now accepts clothing in the bins in the parking lot.  The Goodwill Store in Bayville on Route 9 is a good place for donating as well as shopping.  Some of the hospitals in our area also accept donations for their thrift stores.

Do you have a favorite place to donate your unwanted items?  Please let us know in the Comments section below.

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