We're in an interesting situation here in Ocean County - we live in a major destination all year-round. When much of New Jersey thinks about getting away for a week, a lot of them head to our area. But where do we go to get away?

When the kids get out of school and things start to slow down at the office, it's the perfect time to use some of those hard earned vacation days and go somewhere.

While we have some outstanding destinations right here at home, for a lot of people getting away means just that - leaving!

A couple of summers ago I took a trip up to the Poconos to enjoy some time in the wilderness, far away from the traffic and technology of the Jersey Shore.

The year before that I headed to Europe for a week to enjoy some international travel.

And just last year, I visited family in the Midwest.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love spending time at our local beaches, especially my Fridays at our Seaside Park studio, but I just don't consider that to be getting away.

So when you're planning your summer getaways, where do you like to go? Comment below and let us know!



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