I just spent a few nights living in my friend's RV in Oregon.  It's a vehicle she bought for her 40th birthday with the goal of traveling around the USA.  Being with her, I got to see first hand how awesome a "home on wheels" can be.

The first thing I noticed is how you can bring the RV to the most beautiful sites.  We parked just a few feet from a gorgeous lake, meaning we truly had a "room with a view."

Whether you want to see lakes, mountains, desert, or beach, you can take an RV and set up where you'll have a gorgeous view that's right at (or very close to) where you want to be.

The other thing that impressed me was how affordable it can be.  Think of the cost of 3 nights at a hotel and 3 restaurant meals per day.  Now compare it to what you might pay to park your RV overnight, roughly $30 and eat most of the meals prepared in your fully equipped kitchen.    Another way you'll save is if you bring things like bicycles and beach chairs with you so that you don't have to pay to rent those things.

Now it's not all wonderful.  Space was tight and at times we had to step aside to let each other pass.  (Her vehicle is smaller than the one shown in the photo.) Though the kitchen has a stove, microwave, refrigerator, and counter space, everything is smaller than what we're used to at home.  And the shower is a bit of a tight squeeze.  But I loved that it gave us the freedom to explore wherever we wanted.  And when the weather took an unexpected turn, I simply walked back to my suitcase and pulled out a raincoat. Wanting to freshen my breath after all those onions I ate, the toothbrush and sink were right there!  It was nice not to have to go back to a hotel for anything.

I would definitely consider taking another vacation in an RV.  So listeners, where do you like to go in YOUR RV?  What are some good spots in Ocean County?  Where have you visited OUTSIDE of New Jersey?



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