If you've had the flu, you know how important it is to fight the dehydration that comes with the illness.  So like an obedient flu-recoverer, I've been drinking lots of water, tea, and sports drinks.

But the last gulp I had was a big shock to my system.  The reason?  I was not meant to drink it.  It was salt water that I had just gargled with.  What was I thinking?  Clearly, I WASN'T thinking so I'll just write the experience off as a teachable moment as to what NOT to do again.

The whole thing made me giggle, though, because I realized it's not the first time I've mistaken something for something else.  That dish with the creamy yellowish stuff that I spread on my bagel and took a bite out of?  Mayonnaise.  Yuck.

My father infamously tasted what he thought were stew leftovers that turned out to be my aunt's special recipe for her dog.  Yup.  Dad ate dog food.

Have you accidentally consumed something that you thought was something else?

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