The start of spring is a new beginning.  So it's a good time of year to look at our lives and our choices and see if we want to make any improvements.  For religious or other reasons, many of us pledge to give something up.  For a lot of people, they give up sweets or other indulgent food items.

I'm not proud of this but feel the need to confess it.  Yesterday I went into Wawa to buy a Kale and Quinoa salad which I find delicious and very healthy.  I had a craving for it so I drove there for that one thing only.  I walked around that refrigerator case 3 times and almost made myself dizzy.  I looked on every tier and did not see that salad or the other two small salads that also would have satisfied my craving.  I was disappointed so what did I do?  I walked to the bakery case and grabbed an Apple Fritter!  A big, doughy, delicious, but greasy Apple Fritter.  I ate almost the whole thing.  And then I felt icky.  Bad for making a poor food choice and then just bloated like you feel after eating something like that.

I blogged the other day about how I like to find lessons in things so I guess the lesson here is to not give up.  I can eat a healthy salad today.  And even tomorrow.  If you've given into temptation and done something you vowed not to do, it doesn't mean you're a loser or a failure.  It just means you had a slip and hopefully will try harder next time.  That's how I'm treating my fritter fail.   Good luck with whatever you've given up for Lent or whatever goals you've been working to reach.  Remember, if you fall off the horse, you can get right back on it.

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